Officine Rigamonti (OR) Valves


'VALMAT' Automatic Air Vent

Without O Ring

Pressure Rating - PN-10

Die cast brass body EN 1982-CB754S

Brass plug EN 12165 - CW617N

Seat in brass EN 12164 - CW614N

Internal mechanisms in ACETAL RESIN (POM)

Seat gaskets and o-ring in NBR RUBBER

Float in highly resistant POLYPROPILENE PP

STAINLESS STEEL spring EN 10088-14310 (AISI 302)

Nickel plating ELECTRODEPOSITED COATING EN 12540 (Cu/Ni5s)

Pressure Safety Valve

Security Valves with PreSet Pressure

Pressure Rating - PN-10

 Brass Body EN 12165 - CW617N 

Head valve in PA66-GF30 polyamide (nylon 66) reinforced with glass fiber 

Handwheel in PA66 polyamide (nylon) 

Diaphragm in 70 Sh preshaped EPDM rubber (peroxide cured) 

Sm GALVANIZED STEEL spring - EN 10270-1 

Pressure Reducing Valve

Piston Type PRV

Pressure Rating - PN-25

Outlet Setting - 1 to 5.5 Bar

Temp - upto 130°C

Brass body EN 12165 - CW617N in 1/2” to 2” sizes

Die cast brass body EN1982-CT753S in 2”1/2 to 4” sizes

Brass bonnets EN 12165 - CW617N

Piston in PA66-GF30 POLYAMIDE reinforced with glass fiber in 1/2” to 2”1/2 light model

Brass Piston EN 12165 - CW617N in 3” to 4” sizes

Other forged components in brass EN 12165 - CW617N

Other components in turned brass EN 12164 - CW614N

Static O-ring washers and seat gaskets in EPDM RUBBER (peroxide-cured)